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How customers save money by providing services for Junk Removal Greenville SC, Junk Removal Anderson SC, and Junk Removal Spartanburg SC

Do you wonder how much money you would be spending on Junk Removal? VOTS Junk Removal gives a precise price range on when they see the items in person. We offer a free, on-site, no-obligation estimate and will take the items immediately and when both parties agree.


VOTS Junk Removal's goal is to be fully staffed of veterans for services of Junk Removal Greenville SC, Junk Removal Anderson SC, and Junk Removal Spartanburg SC

The owner of VOTS Junk Removal is a proud Army Veteran that knows what it is like to fight for something he believes in. Just like possible jobs for junk removal, there is no fight that is too small or too big if you have full faith in it.

VOTS Junk Removal removes a wide variety of residential debris from residential homes while performing services for Junk Removal Greenville SC, Junk Removal Anderson SC, and Junk Removal Spartanburg SC


Residential Items

Air Conditioners

Air Conditioners are just one of the items that VOTS Junk Removal removes


Bicycles are just one of the items that VOTS Junk Removal removes


Bookcases are one of the items that VOTS Junk Removal removes


Chairs are just one of the items that VOTS Junk Removal removes


Computers are just one of the items that VOTS Junk Removal removes

Construction Debris

Construction Debris are just one of the items that VOTS Junk Removal removes


Couches are just one of the items that VOTS Junk Removal removes


Dishwashers are just one of the items that VOTS Junk Removal removes

Exercise Equipment

Exercise Equipment are just one of the items that VOTS Junk Removal removes


Freezers are just one of the items that VOTS Junk Removal removes


Grills are just one of the items that VOTS Junk Removal removes

Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs are just one of the items that VOTS Junk Removal removes

Household Trash

Love Seats

Love Seats are just one of the items that VOTS Junk Removal removes

Mattresses & Box Springs

Mattresses are just one of the items that VOTS Junk Removal removes


Microwaves are just one of the items that VOTS Junk Removal removes

Pool Tables

Pool Tables are just one of the items that VOTS Junk Removal removes


Printers are just one of the items that VOTS Junk Removal removes


Refrigerators are just one of the items that VOTS Junk Removal removes

Remodeling Debris

Remodeling Debris are just one of the items that VOTS Junk Removal removes


Sheds are just one of the items that VOTS Junk Removal removes

Stoves & Ovens

Stoves and Ovens are just one of the items that VOTS Junk Removal removes


Tables are just one of the items that VOTS Junk Removal removes


Televisions are just one of the items that VOTS Junk Removal removes

Washer & Dryers

Washers and Dryers are just one of the items that VOTS Junk Removal removes

Water Heaters

Water Heaters are just one of the items that VOTS Junk Removal removes

Yard Debris

Yard Debris are just one of the items that VOTS Junk Removal removes
VOTS Junk Removal performs services for Junk Removal Greenville SC, Junk Removal Anderson SC, and Junk Removal Spartanburg SC


Commercial Items

Office Desks

Office Desks are just one of the items that VOTS Junk Removal removes

Scanners & Copiers

Scanners and Copiers are just one of the items that VOTS Junk Removal removes

Computers, Displays, & Monitors

Computers, Displays, and Monitors are just one of the items that VOTS Junk Removal removes

Junk Removal Services

Examples of the Appliance Removal Services:

  • Refrigerators & Freezers
  • Stoves & Ovens & Microwaves
  • Dishwashers
  • Water Heaters
  • Air Conditioners & Heaters
Refrigerators & Freezers:

Have you ever looked at your electric bill and wondered why the bill is so high? Have you only been at the house to sleep and then go back to work, but the electric bill keeps climbing at a steady pace? The answer to those common issues could be that your refrigerator or freezer needs to be replaced.

Refrigerators and freezers have an average lifespan of around 7-10 years and could be using electricity without you knowing about it. An old refrigerator could use over 1000 kilowatts of energy while the new energy-saving refrigerators can use as low as 600-800 kilowatts per year. With the way inflation is in the United States, the kilowatt difference in refrigerators and freezers could put money back in your pocket overall.

Refrigerators and Freezers are known to be one of the heaviest types of appliances. A side-by-side refrigerator can weigh an average of 300-325 pounds. If you think that is heavy, refrigerators used to weigh twice as much in the 1950s. They weigh so much because of the components that lie within them such as an evaporator, condenser, hermetic compressor (very heavy component), electric motor, and much more. So, once you decide it is time to replace the heavy refrigerator or freezer, you might ask yourself “How do I get rid of it?”.

You are in Luck!

VOTS Junk Removal has the workforce and availability to take away that old refrigerator. What will happen to the appliance once it is taken? Refrigerators & Freezers have a harmful environmental hazard called CFC. This element can be a real Eco problem if the items are not taken to the proper recycling facilities. Our appliance removal team will not only provide the removal service, but they will make sure to dispose of the refrigerator/freezer in an Eco-friendly matter. Not only will you get a fast and friendly service, but your mind can stay at ease knowing that no harm to the environment will come from it as well.

Stoves & Ovens & Microwaves:

While you are putting in a new refrigerator or freezer to help with the electric bill, replacing other appliances might be able to help with energy saving as well. An old stove and oven can vampire your electricity as well. Sometimes a person can fix this problem by replacing the bake/boil element in the oven, but it would be easier to replace the whole unit.

Microwaves can become an energy problem and a safety problem after a certain amount of time. The average microwave needs to be replaced every 4-6 years. There are many ways a person can tell if your microwave should be replaced. A couple of examples of a bad microwave would be if the keypad buttons stopped working or had issues, the food does not cook the way it is supposed to, and some old microwaves can even break down and create sparks (which could become a house fire).

You are in Luck!

Give VOTS Junk Removal a call to take away those items and properly dispose of them. It does not matter if it is just the microwave or just the stove, we will make sure they get to the proper recycling station to be disassembled properly.


Do you have to wash your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher? Are you tired of your spouse/significant other thinking you are the dishwasher? Do you want to get brownie points with your wife to live a better life? Then it is time to upgrade or replace that old dishwasher (the appliance).

The average lifespan of a dishwasher can range anywhere from 7-10 years. When the dishwasher is not working correctly, there is the option of ordering replacement parts or hiring a service agent to come and fix it. Sometimes, the repair costs to fix the dishwasher are almost the same price it would be to replace it. You can always try and sell the dishwasher or donate it to a thrift store. What if you do not have enough time or space to store it until you sell it or haul it to the donation center? What would you do with the old dishwasher?

You are in Luck!

VOTS Junk Removal would be happy to take away those items and help you to get the brownie points you might need for a rainy day. No one enjoys washing the dishes. A good option for this problem is to give us a call to get rid of the old one. Just remember that “A Happy Wife Is a Happy Life”.

Water Heaters:

Water heaters can be a very painful job to do when it comes to replacing a broken or unwanted water heater. They are usually in a space that is not easy to get to, they are very heavy, and you could be dealing with a safety issue if the water heater were leaking onto the floorboard. In addition, you must drain the water out of the tank; which, can make the job last much longer than you thought it should.

With technology on the uprising, water heaters have changed in many different ways. There are still conventional storage water heaters, but they also have water heaters that are tankless solar power and tank-less water heaters. Even though they have the technology for a tankless water heater, not everyone can afford the price and they continue to stick with conventional tank water heaters. “What will I do with the old tank when I replace it?” you might ask.

You are in Luck!

The best decision that you could make is to give VOTS Junk Removal a call to haul it away. Even if you manage to drain the water, disconnect all the lines, and haul it outside the house, you are still going to need a decent size truck to be able to manage that bulky item. VOTS Junk Removal has the proper equipment to haul away heavy and bulky items.

Air Conditioners & Heaters:

Air conditioners and Heaters are particularly important to a household. Depending on your location, you may rely on one more than the other. You would rely more on heaters the farther north that you live, and you would rely on air conditioners the farther south that you live. Either way, you would want the unit to do its job and to make it provides you and your family with a level that is comfortable to you in your own house. With air conditioners and heater appliances being such an important appliances in everyone’s household, there are many different options that a person can go with.

Heater options have made it so that you can heat the whole house or just heat one particular room. They still have the old-fashioned wood heaters, but not too many people like to go outside and chop wood all day for it. Many people have a central heating system that runs through vents through the floor or the attic. There are also energy-saving space heaters that you can put in each individual room to help keep that specific area at a certain temperature.

Air conditioners do not have as many options as heaters, but you have to decide which air conditioner option works the best for you and your family. Many people that have a small living space buy air conditioners that you put together in one of the windows. They have the same concept as a space heater but instead of putting out heat, it puts out cold air. There is the traditional central air system that pushes cold air through the vents that run under the floor or through the ceiling depending on how the house was built. The third option for air conditioners is to install a ductless split unit system. It is a system that combines the window unit with a space unit, and it is ductless. Now that you have a couple of options with air conditioners and heaters, you might ask “How will we get the old units hauled off?”.

You are in Luck!

It does not matter if you have a small window unit or a large and bulky central air unit, VOTS Junk Removal’s appliance removal team has the experience and the equipment to be able to remove those items away for good. “What about the chemicals inside those units?” you might ask. VOTS Junk Removal takes all appliances to the proper recycling facility to be torn down so that way it does not hurt the environment.

Electronics Removal:

Many different types of electronics are circulating through this world of technology. Many electronics were bulky such as old-style televisions. The old style of televisions had Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs) in them, and they were very heavy because the material that the CRTs were made of was a very thick type of glass that needed to be able to withstand the high atmospheric type of pressure. The CRT types of television lifespan could easily reach anywhere from 20-30 years. Because of the longevity and the pure size of the older style of televisions, many people do not want to bother with the struggle to get them removed.

Even if you build up the courage and strength to want to get rid of your electronics, the problem still arises of where to take it. There are many elements in old-style televisions, flat screens, keyboards, and even computer monitors that can be hazardous to the environment if they are not disposed of properly. You cannot just take it to a regular landfill to dispose of it. “Then what am I supposed to do to get rid of it then?” you might ask.

You are in Luck!

VOTS Junk Removal takes any type of electronics to the proper facility to be recycled. It does not matter if it is a small piece or an old giant television. We have the proper equipment and professional staff that can handle huge electronic items. Our fast and Eco-friendly staff will provide you with a service that will have you feeling like you are watching a great television show and we will have you wanting a sequel.

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Furniture Removal

Examples of the Furniture Removal Services:

  • Couches & Sofas
  • Love Seats
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Mattresses & Box Springs
  • Book Shelves
  • Pool Tables
Couches & Sofas:

Couches and Sofas are among the most important features in a family’s living room setup. They are used every day and can get messed up very quickly. They can get stained, animals love to tear them up, and they are prone to acquiring bugs if you do not keep a clean household. The cushions can get worn out and the inside springs can wear out.

People often want to upgrade their living room set, but they do not have a way to get rid of the old couch or sofa. Couches and sofas can be very heavy with it just an ordinary piece of furniture. When you have couches that have recliners or beds built into them, they become two to three times as heavy as the regular ones. How do you get rid of such heavy objects?

You are in Luck!

VOTS Junk Removal has the skill and equipment to eliminate all the bulky items within your household. Our professionally trained staff will haul it all away and have you ready for an all-new living room experience. “What will you do with the old couches and sofas?” you might ask. If the donation centers are accepting new items, VOTS Junk Removal will try and donate as much of the furniture as we can.

Love Seats:

Love Seats are similar to couches and are a little smaller than a regular-size couch or sofa. The standard couch size (from arm to arm) can range from 68-96 inches in length while a standard love seat can range from 50-64 inches in length. Just because a loveseat is smaller, it does not mean that they are very light. Many love seats have recliners built into them which can make them pretty heavy and bulky.

In the living room, many people combine a couch with a loveseat. Depending on where you want to put the furniture, a loveseat might fit better in the area you are looking to furnish than a couch. There are more places where you can put a loveseat throughout the house than a full-sized sofa. If you have an outside balcony or a porch, you wouldn’t have enough room to put a full-size sofa. You wouldn’t want to pull a full-size sofa in a waiting room or at the office. “How do you get rid of the old loveseats when you are ready to replace them?” you might ask.

You are in Luck!

One of the best resolutions to that problem is to give VOTS Junk Removal a call to come and pick up the old furniture. You will experience a friendly, fast, and Eco-friendly service and we would try our best to donate as much as we can to people that are in need.


People have been making chairs for thousands of years. The first recorded reference to the first chair made was in Egypt around 5700 years ago. Chairs are made from wood, metal, stones, and even gold. Even though a golden chair sounds nice, not too many people in the world have one.

Chairs can be really small but they can also be bulky and heavy as well. Just like couches and loveseats, many chairs are recliners. Recliners can be challenging to move around and might strain your back if you try to do the task yourself. “What should we do with the broken chairs or recliners?” you might ask.

You are in Luck!

While VOTS Junk Removal might not be coming to pick up a solid gold chair, we will still take the broken or unwanted chairs from your household. You will receive a professional, fast, and friendly service that you will have to sit down to believe that it is happening.


People have been making tables for thousands of years. The first recorded reference of an actual table being created was about 2500 B.C. in Egypt, but the oldest known table can be traced back to 50,000 years ago. The function of the table in the past was to help keep things off the floor. In the present day, tables are used for a variety of things but mostly they are used as a dining tables in the kitchen or coffee tables in the living room.

Tables can be small such as a coffee table or big such as a kitchen table. Depending on the type of table, these types of furniture can be bulky and heavy. Moving this type of furniture can be a very difficult task if you try to do it by yourself. “Then how do I get rid of the old furniture?” you might ask.

You are in Luck!

One of the best things to do is to give VOTS Junk Removal a call to come and pick up the old furniture. You will experience a friendly, fast, and Eco-friendly service that will leave you talking about it around the dinner table. We will try our best to donate as much as we can to the donation centers for people that are in need.

Mattresses & Box springs:

To get the recommended amount of sleep throughout the night, a person has to be comfortable in their bed. Mattresses are essential for the sleeping process and a bad mattress can make anyone have a bad night. If a person has a bad night’s rest, that can result in a negative snowball effect that can last throughout the day. No one would want a doctor that is nodding in and out of sleep to perform surgery on them.

There are many different types of mattresses and box springs. Every person has a comfort zone that they like their mattress to be in. Some people can fall asleep on a hard firm mattress while others can fall asleep on a soft mattress that their bodies sink into. Some people don’t even use the traditional type of mattress and they sleep on a water mattress or an air mattress.

A mattress’s lifespan averages between 7-10 years. Once it is time to replace an old mattress, the problem always arises of how to get rid of it. Many county and city disposal services do not even have the option to come and get a mattress. Even if they provide the service, you still have the issue of trying to move the mattress outside by yourself. Mattresses are usually large and bulky and can become a hassle trying to move them. In addition, you have to make sure to make time to have it outside by the appointment date. “So, how do I get to resolve this issue and get rid of my old mattress?” you might ask.

You are in Luck!

The best resolution to this problem is to call VOTS Junk Removal. Our professional team will be happy to come and remove that old mattress so you can have room for that new sleep system. Our fast, professional, and Eco-friendly service will have your bookshelves already in a dream.

Book Shelves:

Bookshelves have been around for hundreds of years. The earliest bookshelf was invented in the early 16th century. They were really small when they were first invented and they averaged out to be four bookcases 5-6 feet wide. You can find the oldest bookshelves at Oxford University. In the past, most books shelves were bookshelves or holding books. In the present time, bookshelves are used to hold anything that a person can think of. Bookshelves have always been mostly bulky and heavy. “Where can I get rid of my old bookshelf?” you might ask.

You are in Luck!

VOTS Junk Removal moves all sorts of different types of furniture. We have the skilled staff and the equipment to perform any type of furniture removal there is. Our fast, professional, and Eco-friendly service will have you wanting to write a story of your experience to display on all sorts of bookshelves.

Pool Tables:

When you think of a pool table, you usually think of being in a pool hall. Some people have a pool table at the house. They sometimes have them in the entertainment room in the “Man Cave”. Everyone knows how big and heavy a pool table is and they already have a basic idea of how big of a job it is going to be to remove one. It is going to be time-consuming and painful if you don’t have the right manpower and equipment to get the job done.

You are in Luck!

To not stress out about this project, you should give VOTS Junk Removal a call. Our experienced staff will be happy to take that stressful moment and turn it into a satisfying experience. We don’t gamble when it comes to efficiency and productivity for our customers.

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Yard Debris & Trash Removal

Examples of the Yard Debris Removal Services:

  • Brush & Leaves
  • Bushes
  • (Fallen) Small Trees & Tree Limbs
  • Lawnmower Equipment
Brush & Leaves:

With the seasons rotating every year, it is hard to keep up with the front and back yard maintenance that comes with it. The spring season is beautiful, with flowers blooming, fresh grass growing, and cool evenings. With all the pretty flowers come a high chance of rain and many storms come in. These storms knock down many dead branches of trees, and sometimes it is hard to find the time to haul the extra brush away.

The fall season brings a wide variety of colors as the leaves change in trees. Unfortunately, the leaves will eventually get to the point where they all fall out of the trees. Now you have a yard full of leaves where once was a lovely grass yard. “How do I fix this problem every year?” you might ask yourself.

You are in Luck!

The best option to solve these issues every year is to give VOTS Junk Removal a call. We are not a landscaping company, but we have no problem helping get rid of unwanted yard debris for our customers. We might not have a zero-turn lawnmower that will pick all the leaves up, but we have the willpower and the manpower to go out and rake the leaves up and haul those unwanted brush items away. Our friendly staff and crazy work ethic will have you wanting the next season to hurry up and come faster so you can give us a call again.


Bushes are a very gorgeous addition to any scenery of a household. Many flowers grow off of the bushes and they come in many different colors. The leaves even have their personality with their colors. Some of the well-known types of bushes are the Common Hibiscus, Japanese Maple, Oleander, and many others. There have been many households that shape a bush in the form of an animal or other type of figure.

Even though bushes can make a household blossom, they can also be a pain if not maintained. The maintenance required for a bush to not get out of control is called pruning. You don’t want to cut the bush too far back but you also don’t want the bushes to overflow with new growth. “So how do I get rid of the overgrowth of the bushes in my yard?” you might ask.

You are in Luck!

VOTS Junk Removal has the manpower and willpower to solve this overgrown bush situation. Our friendly, fast, and professional staff will load and haul off all the unwanted parts of the bush that you decide to cut off or remove the bush itself. There are situations where the roots are embedded very deep into the ground, but we can cut the bushes even with the ground until you get a stump grinder to finish the job. There is no job that is too small for our staff and we do everything we can to help our customers as much as we can.

(Fallen) Small Trees & Tree Limbs:

Storms and hurricanes are very hard to try and prepare for. Even though you make sure to have a backup generator, maybe some solar power, and other emergency materials, it is challenging to try and prepare for branches breaking off trees or the tree itself uprooting and falling on your front or back yard. If you managed to get lucky and have a tree fall in a safe place, you still have the problem of removing it. “How do I fix this problem?” you might ask.

You are in Luck!

A good resolution to this problem is to call VOTS Junk Removal. We are not a professional tree service, but we can do the best we can to remove all the yard debris from your residence. Even if you have a huge tree that fell and you need to call a major tree service company, VOTS Junk Removal can always make the load lighter by removing the branches and hauling them away. Small trees that do not need a professional tree service can be hauled away by cutting them down enough to remove them safely. Even though you have a fallen tree issue, your money does not have to fall as hard by using VOTS Junk Removal.

Lawnmower Equipment:

Lawnmowers have come a long way since they first got invented. The first lawnmower ever made was made in England around the mid-1800s and it was only used for huge gardens, fields that were used for sports, and cemeteries. When lawnmowers first came out, there were no self-propelled or zero-turn lawnmowers. All the lawnmowers were used with manual labor and willpower.

When it comes to lawnmower equipment, more items fall in that category than just lawnmowers. There are lawn tractors, home and workshop items, lawnmower attachments, weed eaters, and even utility equipment. Some of these items are very light while others are over a hundred pounds. “How can we get rid of all these broken-down items?” you might ask.

You are in Luck!

VOTS Junk Removal is the perfect fit for any type of job. Our staff can haul away any type of lawnmower equipment no matter if it is light or heavy in weight. Even though you might only need your equipment at certain times of the year, our fast and friendly service is all year round.

Trash Removal Services:

People sometimes run into situations where they have a lot of trash that needs to be hauled off. The problem could be that they had a leak in the basement and all the items got ruined or they are having issues with the city trash pick-up company. There have been many times restaurants have had problems with the company; which, resulted in trash piling up for days. That is the last thing a customer wants to see or smell when going out to eat. “How do I get rid of all this trash?” you might ask.

You are in Luck!

VOTS Junk Removal is the perfect solution to your trash problem. Our staff has no problem putting on heavy gloves and a mask to tackle the dirtiest of jobs. There is no job that is too small and no job that is too dirty when it comes to our junk removal services.

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Remodeling & Construction Debris Removal

Examples of the Remodeling & Construction Debris Removal Services:

  • Drywall & Sheetrock
  • Tile & Carpet
  • Shingles
  • Cabinets & Sinks
  • HVAC Systems & Vents
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel Debris
  • Windows
  • Floorboards
  • Framing Boards

There are many different types of construction and remodeling professionals out there in the world. Construction and remodeling professionals have a wide variety of skills that they can use. Their skill set can be a specific craft such as just installing carpet or they can have a rounded skill set to be able to fix little things around residential homes (known as a handyman). No matter the type of skill set a professional use, there are always situations where you can use VOTS Junk Removal.

Dumpster Rentals:

There are many companies that offer dumpster rental services. A dumpster rental service consists of you contracting a company to bring a certain size dumpster to the job site for a flat fee and you have to fill the dumpster up. Once you are done with the dumpster, the company comes and gets it. Even though this process might be one of the cheapest ways to go for construction professionals, there are many different situations in which it can become more difficult than it needs to be.

Dumpsters are usually left at the job-site until it is filled up. This process can take a couple days to a full week. There are people that will take advantage of you having a dumpster and they will start putting their own trash in there when no one is working. This can make it so that the dumpster will fill up much faster and the possibility of either getting a second one or over filling it (which causes an over fill fee from the dumpster rental company). The easier way to handle it is to call VOTS Junk Removal to come and remove the debris all in one day to eliminate that problem. Not only can you focus more on getting the job done, you won’t have to worry about filling anything up because labor is included with VOTS Junk Removal’s prices.

Depending on the job-site, finding a location to put the dumpster can be a challenge as well. If you have a construction or remodeling job that is within city limits, there can be a limited space where you can put it. If you have to put the dumpster in a parking space, the city can make you pay a fee for taking up that space. The easier way to handle it is to call VOTS Junk Removal to come and remove the items all at once. If you make a debris pile that is ready to haul off, VOTS Junk Removal can come early that morning and load everything up before anyone even thinks about coming to the parking spaces.

Production Increase:

When it comes to making money in the construction or remodeling industry, the more jobs you get results in an increase in profit. This equation works very well for any type of industry you work in. If you spend more time on a single job, it means you spend less time working other jobs that might be lined up. When you finish a great quality job quickly, you have more time to work on the next job. “What does this have to do with VOTS Junk Removal?” you might ask.

Construction and remodeling professionals can call VOTS Junk Removal to come clean up a job-site so they can go ahead and starting working on the next job. They can demo the location that is being redone and stack all the debris in the next room or outside. They can go ahead and start putting in new items while we take all the debris away. In addition, they can call VOTS Junk Removal to come do the light demolition for them if they get overwhelmed with jobs. By the contractors having us do the light demolition before they get there, the construction or remodeling professionals can just come in, install, and then go to the next job.

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Clean-Outs & Demolitions

Examples of the Clean-Out Services:

  • Tenant & Eviction Clean-Outs
  • Real Estate and Foreclosure Clean-Outs
  • Retirement Communities Clean-Outs
  • Probate Lawyer Clean-Outs
Tenant & Eviction Clean-Outs:

Being a property manager or a landlord has its perks but it also creates many bad situations that they have to deal with. Everyone would love to have a tenant that kept their place clean, always paid their rent on time, and never had any neighborhood disturbances. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Around 10% of tenants create problems for property managers and landlords.

When a property manager or a landlord has to get rid of a bad tenant, the situation never ends well. The property will usually always be a mess and sometimes the lousy tenant will intentionally mess the place up to try and get revenge for the eviction. Even good tenants have been known to leave a mess when moving to a different location. “What do I do if the tenant leaves a huge mess in the rental property?” you might ask.

You are in Luck!

VOTS Junk Removal would be happy to come and clean up the mess they left and get the apartment one step closer to possibly putting a good tenant in it. Our fast, friendly, and professional service will make you want to put us on your vendor list. We will make it so that the new tenant can move in very quickly and you can increase profit revenue.

Real Estate & Foreclosure Clean-Outs:

A Realtor is a profession that helps sell houses and they get a commission from the sales, but the banks are the ones that own all the properties in the United States (besides the government). You can spend 500,000 cash on a home and miss your tax payment by one cent and the government will take action to try and take the home from you. With this never-ending government scandal, many homes are returned to the banks for the next person to “purchase” a home.

Many people who lose their homes or have to downsize because of inflation do not ensure that the property is cleaned up when they leave. They are usually upset about the current situation, and they do not care how the place looks. This situation can leave many real estate companies in a bind. You can’t fix the government scandal, but you can fix how the place looks for your next customer.

VOTS Junk Removal is the perfect company to call to clean up the mess they left behind. It doesn’t matter if it is just a small yard clean-up or a complete house clean-up, our staff will have that property looking great for the next home-buyer.

Retirement Communities Clean-Outs:

It is sad to say, but many people that reach an elderly age have already seen most of the people they grew up with go to the other side. So they do not feel alone, many people move into retirement communities where other people are in the same situation. The feeling of not being alone is very important to a person’s health (especially at an older age).

When a person has lived decade after decade, they accumulate many items throughout their lifetime. Depending on what they have done throughout their life, they can have collected a wide variety of items. For example, a person that has done landscaping their whole life could have a huge collection of different types of lawnmowers, weed eaters, and much more. A person who loves to read could have a huge collection of books within their household.

When a person moves into a new house, they usually take all their stuff with them. In retirement communities, many people have no heir or anyone to whom the lifetime collection can go. “So what do we do with all this stuff?” you might ask.

You are in Luck!

VOTS Junk Removal is the perfect solution to this problem. Our fast, friendly, and professional staff can remove any items that need to be removed or that need a new home. We take pride in either trying to recycle any items we can or donating to less fortunate people.

Probate Lawyer Clean-Outs:

Probate lawyers are lawyers that handle the affairs of items left by a deceased family member. They handle things such as a person’s home, their items, investments, and even their bank accounts. If a person has a will, then the probate lawyer makes sure that the items that person left will go as instructed by the will left by the deceased. If a person did not have a will, the probate lawyer makes sure the items are given to the closest living relative or spread out evenly between the living relatives.

Being a probate lawyer is not an easy task. Not only do they have to follow everything within a will, but they also have to make sure everything is done legally and the proper paperwork is done according to the government standards. There are many situations that a probate lawyer has to deal with as well such as disgruntled living relatives, collecting proceeds from a person’s life insurance (we all know how difficult insurance companies can be), resolving any type of income tax issues, and much more. “What does this have to do with a junk removal company?” you might ask.

The Answer Is Simple!

Probate lawyers can come across a situation where they have to sell assets so they can spread the sale among the beneficiaries or no one wants certain items. VOTS Junk Removal is the best solution to this problem because we can come and get the estate cleaned up and get those unwanted items removed so that the estate can be ready to be sold to make the process go by faster. You can make an appointment whenever you need us and we can have the items gone within the same day.

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Examples of the Light Demolition Services:

  • Sheds
  • Porches
  • Hot Tubs
  • Mobile Homes

Springtime is here, you have received your tax returns, and you are ready to tackle some projects that you have been meaning to get to for years. VOTS Junk Removal has light demolition services that can help get those projects done much faster so you can focus on other things that you need to get done. We remove old sheds, rotted porches, broken-down hot tubs, and mobile homes that are so old that they can not be physically moved.

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Cities That VOTS Junk Removal Service

Anderson County

Anderson, Clemson, Belton, Williamston, Powdersville, Piedmont, Pendleton, Iva, Starr, Townville, West Pelzer, Sandy Springs, Centerville, and many more

Spartanburg County

Spartanburg, Woodruff, Inman, Boiling Springs, Duncan, Landrum, Cowpens, Lyman, Roebuck, Campbello, Wellford, and many more

Oconee County

Seneca, Walhalla, Westminister, Salem, West Union, Fair Play, Utica, and many more

Abbeville County

Abbeville, Calhoun Falls, Antreville, Lake Secession, and many more

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get rid of a couch?

Eco-Friendly Options for Getting Rid of Your Couch

  1. Donate Your Couch. A great option for a couch in good used condition, is to donate it to an organization like the Salvation Army, Goodwill or Habitat for Humanity. …
  2. Recycle Your Couch. …
  3. Junk Removal. …
  4. Sell Your Couch. …
  5. Repair Your Couch.

How do you charge customers for junk removal?

Volume-based pricing might be the most popular junk removal business pricing approach and the most standard method. It’s based on fractions of how full your truck is, ranging from a minimum truckload to a full truckload. If you hit a full truckload on a job, the price would restart again by adding a “new” truckload.

How do I dispose of paint in South Carolina?

The best method to harden old paint is to open the lid and mix clay based kitty litter into the paint. Shredded newspaper and sawdust will also work to harden that old paint. Once the paint is completely hardened simply throw the can in the garbage.

Should you tip for junk removal?

While tipping is not expected, it is always appreciated, especially when the job is difficult.

Top Sites in Greenville County:

Falls Park on the Reedy

This park is a 32-acre park adjacent to downtown Greenville, South Carolina in the historic West End district. Considered the birthplace of Greenville, the park was founded in 1967 when the Carolina Foothills Garden Club reclaimed 26 acres of land that had been previously used by textile mills and has added a tourist feature called the Liberty Bridge.

Greenville County Museum of Art

The GCMA is home to the world’s largest public collection of watercolors by iconic American artist Andrew Wyeth and is the only museum in the Upstate to be fully accredited by the American Alliance of Museums.

Greenville Zoo

Grenville Zoo is a Zoo that is located south-east of downtown Greenville and opened in 1960. The zoo is known for their mostly indigenous animals including bears, deer, bobcat, foxes, ducks and prairie dogs. A monkey dome was constructed in 1962, and 26 colobus monkeys were added to the zoos residents.

Top Sites in Anderson County:

Carolina Bauernhaus Brewery & Winery

This winery is located near downtown Anderson (Click Here), and is know for its reputation to have every beer, cider, mead, and wine we make has a unique sense of place. Their secret recipe is that they tame wild yeasts and use those local seasonal ingredients to handcraft award winning small batch libations that reflect our region. The whole is greater than the sum of their parts, and when brought together a unique craft beverage is born.

Growler Haus

Growler Haus is locally owned and operated they are located in two different locations (Anderson & Greenville). They cater to each community and have always refused to be a “cookie-cutter” craft beer shop. You’ll find tons of local charm infused in our famously comfortable environment along with excellent customer service to help choose the perfect beverage or tasty Haus Bites.

CocBon Chocolatier

This shop is located near downtown Anderson (Click Here) and they satisfy that sweet tooth for chocolate that everyone has a craving for. Their secret to success is that CocoBon Chocolatier confections are hand made from special recipes that bring out the best characteristics of the ingredients that they use. They are known to use only the finest products available and add no preservatives. Their chocolate is smooth, creamy and oh so rich and their hand selected nuts are toasted to perfection to develop their full flavors. The tastes are deep and distinct. This is chocolate done the old-fashioned way. The centers are silky smooth.


Based on 30 reviews

Nicole Garrett
Nicole Garrett

Marcus was great! Had 55 pine trees removed and 34 stumps ground down and I couldn’t be happier!


Great work and reliable. You need work done call them you won’t be disappointed.

Chelsea Cantrell
Chelsea Cantrell

They were awesome! We had so much stuff after our move and they came and not only hauled it off but cleaned up for us too! We will be using them again!

Monica Luna
Monica Luna

VOTS did an excellent job removing a huge tree trunk from my yard. I really appreciate their hard work and reasonable price. Will have them do more work for me in future.

Megan Mueller
Megan Mueller

I called in a panic 2 days before my daughters party to get some dirt and junk removed before her party. VOTS Junk Removal came the very next day and was able to do everything I ask for. My yard looks the best it has since I moved in 5 years ago. Able to accommodate my needs and price was reasonable. It was barely more than I would have paid to rent a dumpster and do all the work myself. The owner and his wife were also very friendly. Just a perk in todays world. Highly recommend!

Slick Livetv
Slick Livetv

I had some rocks dropped off in my driveway and it was way too much to shovel so I made a call to VOT junk removal and not only did I get a fair price but they were on time and provided great customer service and got me out of the dog house with my wife 😆 I definitely will be calling them again

Joseph Sandersjp
Joseph Sandersjp

Great company, hard workers, conscious of the job they do, highly recommend.

sandra blackwell
sandra blackwell

He was on time and very nice person . He was fast and I will call him again when I need junk or furniture removed .!!!!!!

Christy Baker
Christy Baker

Very polite!, came and picked up a couple hours after I called. Would recommend his services

Lois Holden
Lois Holden

Marcus did a wonderful job. Would highly recommend him